Fraud Protection

Fraud is always evolving. Be prepared with full-spectrum fraud protection that responds to the ever-changing threat of fraud.

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Limit Fraudulent transactions under the supervise of GoCashie’s excellent online security check.

Fraud Protection is quite important for merchants in E-commerce industry, thus, Gocashie has applied series of sophisticated fraud control measures, Including the velocity and ticket value limit, credit card and IP suppression lists, manual verification abilities and more. These really help a lot in the process of minimizing fraudulent transactions, and greatly reducing the occurrence of chargeback and unauthorized payments.
Other than that, when the transactions go through our gateway, our excellent transaction specialists also manually review all flagged transactions to eliminate any potential risk of chargebacks and fraudulent transaction as much as possible.
With such good risk control system and the hard work of whole dedicated team, GoCashie is eager to provide such leading fraud protection to any merchants in need, ensuring the highest number of approved transactions in a secure, real time environment.
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