Credit Card Payments

An Easy, Secure and International multi-currency
payment solutions.

Quick Integration
Credit and debit cards are still the world's most popular online payment preference, so having secure and reliable payment environment is extremely important for any merchants doing business online. Given its PCI DSS compliant level, GoCashie is able to provide such good opportunities for online card processing, definitely a greater choice for merchants without such kind of qualification.
GoCashie is international cards portfolio, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and more, and we enable you to process international and local cards in multi-currency.
Besides, some features are applied to protect merchants’ business with best practices for this specific Card Not-Present (CNP) environment, helping you to make a business decision in less than a second, including:
  • Fast Processing and Approval
  • Simple, secure and easy payment channel for various types of business
  • A scalable full-service offer, including streamlined reporting, reconciliation and chargeback handling
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